Version Notes Date Uploaded Download # DLs
1.7.7 Plugin manager has been added, along with improved helper tools and many bugfixes. 7/4/2020 Download 3,878 Basic MSI support has been added, as well as an option to have the app always run as administrator. 4/29/2020 Download 5
1.7.5 New dark theme, as well as the intrduction of custom themes for Patreon supporters. 2/07/2020 Download 1
1.7.4 Updated Corsair SDK and localization. 1/28/2020 Download 1
1.7.3 Updated Logitech SDK. 1/19/2020 Download 0
1.7.2 Added run on startup, scrollbars, and update from UI. 1/17/2020 Download 0
1.7.1 Added EVGA support. 1/08/2020 Download 0
1.6.2 Corsair SDK improvements. 10/30/2019 Download 0 Bugfixes. 6/23/2019 Download 0 Support for the latest version of Asus Aura. 6/21/2019 Download Last version to support legacy Aura. Razer and Logitech SDK updates. Adde Discord RPC, startup delay, profile names. 6/03/2019 Download